Book: ‘De luie manager’

Are you also so busy? A crowded agenda but never time for a good talk? Hard work seems to be the norm for managers but it’s time to let go of that norm. Managers are not supposed to solve problems by hard work but by finding smart solutions. A good manager is a lazy manager.

In my book I present an inviting perspective for the manager that wants time again for the things that truly matter: to ensure vision, support and reflection. If you stop all meaningless rituals, you gain enough time to be a good manager.

Become a lazy manager and break the negative interaction patterns with your employees. Discover how they get more motivated, take more responsibility, bother you less but mobilize you when necessary.

In the book I present my vision on organizations and on self-organization as indispensable basic element for successful organizations. The book contains more than thirty practical examples. The book has been well received in the market and turns out to appeal to a wide audience.

The book offers inspiration for anyone who experiences that the common control-oriented approach is insufficient.

Please note that the book is in Dutch.