I support employees, teams and managers in organizations towards a new way of cooperation, in which self-organization and learning capacity are key.

This is the starting point for my service. I provide an answer when the usual control-oriented approach is not adequate. I give you some practical examples:

Stakeholder management

Project managers were technically competent but found it difficult to defend themselves against the pressure of stakeholders and to meet their expectations. As a consequence projects were unnecessarily delayed. I have coached these project managers for a longer period of time to let them discover how their own behaviour maintained this situation and how they could break this interaction pattern and better manage the stakeholders expectations. The result was a better cooperation with the stakeholders and more successful projects.

Cross-functional projects

Project were strongly organized by department. As a consequence the transfer between departments was cumbersome. Via workshops with managers and employees of different departments I was able to adjust their view on what a project essentially is. This led to real cross-functional projects and to more self-organization of project members, who took the corresponding responsibility.

Cooperation model

Dependent of their manager employees experienced mixed and sometimes conflicting management styles. Via workshops for all managers and employees I have introduced a cooperation model that was more based on self-organization by employees and support by management. This has created great enthusiasm among employees in this company, not least by the strong involvement and role model of management. The employee satisfaction and involvement increased sharply.

Self-organizing teams

Inside a fast-growing company the development of employees and organization didn’t keep pace with the growth. Via workshops and monthly company sessions I have promoted more ownership by the employees for the identification and implementation of improvements. As follow-up I have supported the creation of self-organizing teams. Finally, I have supported management to come to a new allocation of roles and responsibilities in a new organizational structure. The consequence was the introduction of a necessary human resources policy in a well reasoned as well as operationally practical way. This was the base for further growth and sound financial results.


Agile approach

The execution of organisational assignments by teams of managers was a cumbersome and lengthy process by very busy agendas and the existing culture of dialogue. I have supported a team of managers who got the assignment to agree on the structure of a new department and to get this approved by the senior management team. For this, I have supported the team via an agile approach. The result was a jointly borne proposal that has been developed in a short time and that has been subsequently approved by the senior management team.

The similarities between these assignments are my unconventional, tailored, practical and people-centred approach. I use workshops to initiate change and support persons or teams for a longer period of time to create that change. In doing so I pay a lot of attention to cooperation and the development of the ability to learn. I apply, wherever possible, a lean or agile approach without the need of training customers in these methodologies.

If you identify yourself with one of the outlined practical examples or if you get stuck in your current approach, then it’s certainly worth the effort to contact me. I like to exchange views with you about your problem and to what extent you find my alternative approach appealing. It is irrelevant whether we get down to business. In my experience, such a conversation is usually felt meaningful by both parties. I am very curious about your situation and hope to hear from you.

If you want to know more first, then apply for my white paper ‘Into a new way of working together‘.

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