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YouTube video about ‘De luie manager’

In this video I present my point of view as management consultant on organizations as stated in my book ‘De luie manager’. It is a personal story from my own experience. The core concept in the story is self-organization. The story is about the job of managers and the consequences for employees. I close with what I can mean for organizations.

Please note that the video is in Dutch. Have a good time listening and watching this video, shot in the historic centre of Utrecht.

Interview about ‘De luie manager’ on New Business Radio

On 9 november 2018 I have been interviewed by Martine Hauwert in Let’s Talk Business on New Business Radio. In the interview I give my opinion about self-organization and management. The interview consists of four parts of about 12 minutes.

In part 1 I tell about my background, my way of working, my ideas about better cooperation in organizations and about my book ‘De luie manager’.

In part 2 I tell about my past, my personal development and the functioning of managers and organizations.

In part 3 I talk about developments in management and the desired management style and way of working. The issue of managing yourself as self-employed will be raised as well.

In part 4 I give my view on the future of management and leadership. I will end with ideas about my own future, technological developments and group behaviour.

Please note that the interview is in Dutch. Have a good time with listening.