I support employees, teams and managers in organizations towards a new way of cooperation, in which self-organization and learning capacity are key.

In the services I provide I have chosen for an organic change process that is characterized by taking small steps and constantly using feedback from real life to make corrections. The emphasis shifts away from planning and control to working flexibly from the intention, whereby the ability to learn is paramount. The emphasis is on developing basic but effective skills, which you can find back in methods such as continuous improvement, Lean or Agile, without the need to introduce these methods. The emphasis is on influencing behaviour not on introducing new methodologies. The goal is a more flexible or agile organization.

I apply this approach to the whole organization as well as to parts of the organization, such as staff departments, support departments and R&D (Research & Development), or to specific processes or activities, such as project management, studies and meetings. I support organizations in all these areas, thereby using my extensive knowledge and practical experience.

The services are tailored to the specific customer situation. Basic steps are interviews, problem analyses, workshops, coaching, mentoring and facilitation.

The services offered can address one or more of the following aspects: