Martin Waaijer

My name is Martin Waaijer, your guide to self-organization. I focus on social innovation, of which self-organization is the basis.

I would like you to take a look at your work situation.

You are working in a well structured organization. Little is left to chance. You got the situation under control. You are accumulating control work and you are increasingly spending your time in meetings. Nevertheless, it is not working out as you had hoped for. You would give much to find a way out instead of working even harder with little effect.

I can help you on your way to get out of this situation without jeopardising the continuity of your organization.

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I present my vision on organizations and on self-organization as vital basic element for successful organizations.

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On March 22 my book "De luie manager" has been published. The book is written in Dutch. To order on for instance

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Listen to my interview of 9 November 2018 on New Business Radio.

My customers and testimonials from customers.

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